For many Chinese kids who that grow up playing and watching basketball, NBA is a dream too far to reach. Although there are a lot of excellent basketball players in the country, very few of them made it to the NBA. That’s why when 20 year old Zhou Qi was drafted by the Houston Rockets in 2016. So when you go on chinese social media, you won't see kids wishing him luck and cheering him on. You'll see they're all telling him, "Don't come back."



To extend the campaign in social we created a series of stills and gifs made with Polaroids with a painted treatment to iconize each kid featured in the film and inspire every single kid in China to show their commitment to 'Want it all'.

Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai

Art Director: Felipe Revite
Copywriter: Leo Wei
Creative Director: Matt Skibiac
& Enric Soldevila

Director: Ian Schwartz

Photographer: Felipe Revite